The "18:45 Stranger" is my real life experience. At one point in time there comes a situation where you get connected to strangers and later on you go on to become friends. This is true for the rarest of occasions. In this article, I share one such incident which happened with me.


Life Experience

It was weekend and I was desperate to go home after my class. There was a big queue at the bus stop. It was already 18.30. A man, in his late 40s, asked me about the queue and bus details in native language. Although I wasn't fluent, I replied him with the details. He then sent his daughter to another queue. Later on, another woman at the back, kept asking some details; but no one paid attention to her. I turned around and replied to her with the details she wanted.

Finally I got in my 18.45 bus and took the window seat. Beside me was a guy, a little older to me probably. He was a doctor which I got to know later. It was a long trip of 3-5 hours. I put on my headphones and slept for what looked like some 1.30 hours. Almost everyone slept as well.

The bus stopped for a break of 15 minutes and I grabbed a burger from McDonalds nearby. I was hungry but had a Perk in my bag. I usually feel awkward to eat in front of someone so I offered Perk to the doctor beside me. That was the start of the bond between us.

I felt I gave him an opportunity to talk and then we talked till he reached his destination. We shared the place where we live, our profession, etc. He was very informative and suggested me to visit his place (not his home) just for sight-seeing. I agreed. His place topped the list of tourist spots in India - Mahabaleshwar.

We bid our goodbyes with a handshake and with an uncertain hope to meet each other once again at some point in our lives.

The best part? - We didn't even share our names!


Did you happen to talk to Strangers like that? Share your thoughts in the comments. 🙂