New Wrinkles

Ten long years?? You’re not kidding me, right? Are you?

I have lost ten precious years of my Life already in that sleep! On no!! What might have happened? I do not remember taking any pills nor any drinks to sleep for ten long years!!


Every single day we have is a blessing from the Almighty and we should treasure it by making the day as memorable as possible, as happy as possible.

But, if I really wake up after ten years, I would search for my Mom first!

I want her to never leave me in my life. I cannot take that pain. I will die of that terrible pain.

I would hardly care about the wrinkles, etc. All my future plans would be shattered. Not exactly, I believe I would have already achieved my dreams in those ten years. I would probably set some more goals and dreams for the next few years as well.

At last, I would just enjoy my time writing here at home! Yippee!!



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