I took this picture from my smartphone on the way to office. It's rare to see the simplest form of Love, yet, people talk about it so often.

Love in its pure form
Love in its pure form

You can see two kids here. I can say that it looks like they are having their cup of 'morning tea'. Well, not exactly tea.

A glass of sugar-cane juice. Simple. Plain. Sweet. Their father runs a sugar-cane juice stall. I saw him giving the drink to them but I couldn't capture the shot at the right time.

So, this little kid here was sharing with his small young sister, her share of the sugar-cane juice. I felt so happy to see that. Love cannot be more pure than this. And after she had her share, she started looking down at something (the moment when I captured the picture).

After a brief observation, she saw her brother having fun with the drink again and hit him on his elbow. That was so cute! I had the smile of my life at that moment.

He then gave her the remaining juice and wiped the leftovers over her small lips.

Long live those kids. May they get all that they want and need in Life. May they not be in distress. The Almighty bless them.

The best way to feel loved and see Love is to be with children.