Life is not about What you Achieve, it’s about How You Achieve? We often fail to realize the fact that Journey Comes First, always! We will reach the Destination anyways. So why not make this Journey of Life beautiful and memorable?


Journey Comes First, Destination Later!


~ A Little Background ~

Our Education begins at Home from our parents! What we learn becomes useful for us at a later stage of Life. The journey we make in our Life is more important than the destination. It is the goals and our dreams that make our Life worth living, and we were taught this early in our Life.

We belong to the middle class – a small and happy family of four leading a plain and normal life. My elder sister and I were the best our parents could have.


~ About My Mother ~

My mother was a simple house-wife and yet, knew more and did more than what she was expected to do. She would get all the housework done and then teach us. She would cook meals that make us lick our fingers. Apart from being a good cook, she was and is a great teacher. The things we learnt at home were at a far different level that the ones we were taught at school.

While Father was busy out there earning for us, she would manage the rest of the house work all day long.


~ About My Father~

While my Father disciplined us on our behavior and habits, attitude, etc., my Mother would teach us the various other things of life. My (Late) Father was a professor in Mithibai college, Vile Parle (one of the well-known colleges in Mumbai) and he was known as the “Lion of Mathematics”. Everyone respected and admired him a lot for the knowledge he had and the way he taught students. He was famous amongst all students and teachers alike!

I am what I am today just because of them!

Journey Comes First, Destination Later!
Journey Comes First, Destination Later! – NitinNairWrites
~ Important Life Lessons ~


Set Goals and Work Your Way to Achieve Them!

Whenever we had class tests or term exams in our schools, our dad would bet on us. He would give us a prize every time we scored the highest in our class. These prizes varied from cash prize, chocolates, ice creams, toys, almost anything we desired. And then, we learnt the value of having Goals in Life.

Once we were in Kerala for our summer vacations (not a vacation exactly). It was the season of the mangoes and we have lots of mango trees in our native place. That day it rained heavy with thunders and all children (including cousins) were afraid to go out. But we wanted those mangoes so badly we kept crying till my Dad called me.

He said, ‘Son, I will give you five hundred rupees. You must earn it. Come with me.’


~ The Heavy Rain Challenge ~

I followed him and we stopped below a mango tree. Then I looked up and saw a whole branch of big and ripe mangoes hanging. My Dad then challenged me to make those mangoes fall in three tries. The prize money was too high (500 INR was a big amount in the 90s) and so he made this new rule compared to the time when we had tests/exams in schools.

Active and filled with energy, I took a broken branch on the ground nearby and failed twice. I did not lose hope and in the third attempt, I brought them down. I was happy that I won the challenge and made everyone happy.

A Lesson Learnt Well – A Perfect Lesson!

Now, when I look back on those days, I realize that it was never about the prize money or the chocolates or those sweet ice-creams or the various toys or even 500 INR!

What mattered was the inspiration and the motivation that make us set our goals and achieve our dreams.

The one thing that will make us sleepless, the one dream that won’t let us sleep. It was our parents motive. and this was how they made us ready for the competition. 🙂

If we don’t have a goal or a dream in our Life – then why are we living? For what purpose are we alive on Earth?

We would eventually die anyway, so why not die Being The Best?

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