After this terrible mistake of me drinking and driving and unfortunately ‘killing’ my own best friend (read it here), I somehow managed to survive; physically that is. I was mentally destroyed, filled with utmost guilt, sadness and fear of being alive.

Some guys, the other night, had rescued me and today I open my eyes in a hospital ward with many minor injuries. I am still not sure if I am alive or if this is just a ‘middle-world’ between Earth and Heaven or Earth and Hell. I am so sure that I will be sent to hell for killing my friend. Alas! I was wrong.

I heard some voice and looked around to see who it was. I could see a shiny figure in front of me. Maybe it was Almighty Himself. Tears swelled up and I started crying for forgiveness. I was paying for all the mistakes I did in the past and He knew that. So, in return he said one thing,

‘Live My Child. Do good deeds for others. I would like to grant you one wish for you sincerity and devotion. You can call five people for dinner tonight. They would be in your place for just one hour.’

Before I could even utter one word, He vanished. I was awestruck.

Is it for real? Did I just meet GOD??’ I wondered for about an hour.

The doctors came in to check up on me and were astonished to see that all my wounds were healed. They were speechless. They said I recovered quicker than an ordinary person. I simply replied, ‘God’s grace doctor.’

I quickly took a cab and went to my friend’s house to meet his wife. I stood there and heard it all she said for me. I asked her to beat me, curse me and do whatever she pleased but in return just to come at my home with her kid, relatives and herself. Maybe she thought I was sympathizing with them, but that was not the case. Only I knew the truth. I requested her to come by 9 PM in the night.

Next, I went home and my family was happy to see me all well and normal as before. My wife had visited me in the morning while I was still unconscious, the doctors had said. I told them the story. At first, they did not believe me but with the fact that all my wounds were healed I needed nothing more to make them believe. We started the preparations for this night which was going to be memorable to all.

So here goes my list of 5 people – my deceased friend, my wife’s deceased father, Lord Jesus and my friend’s wife. My family would anyhow be there with us. So all the 5 seats were reserved and set. I could not decide where to sit whom so my wife did it for me. It was 9 PM and everyone had arrived just on time.

Suddenly a bright light at the door and there stands my friend, my wife’s father and Lord Jesus Himself. We could not believe our eyes. It was purely divine.

My wife seated Lord Jesus at the center. My friend and his wife were seated next to Him. My wife sat opposite to my friend and beside Lord Jesus, while I sat beside my wife. Rest of the family members stood beside us. We had one hour.

The Lord took my friend’s child to His lap. Everyone was so happy, but I wasn’t. I could not forgive myself for doing this to my friend. Lord Jesus looked at me and asked me to live in the moment and keep all worries aside. He forgave me and blessed everyone in the room.

We started our dinner. Everyone was happy talking to their loved ones. I became happy that I could do this thing for them. I felt relieved. Everyone shared their pain, the moments of long time since one or the other left them, etc.

One hour passed so quick that we did not realize it. All we wanted was this night to last forever.

It was finally time to say good-byes once again. We all hugged each other and cried a lot. I did not want this moment to go away, I wanted this forever. But it was not possible.

We heard Him say these words while they slowly disappeared from our sight –

‘Feel the positive environment around you. Be content in what you have, in what you get, in what you earn and in everything you do in Life. Be happy with your Life as Life itself is a blessing to all of us. To live Life fully, be good to others, do good things, help the needy, respect each other, don’t hurt others.

No one has the right to give pain to others, neither they have the right to give you pain. Stop unwanted practices that do no good to others. Be thankful to everyone and everything around you.

Be thankful to the Almighty for the Life you have. Be thankful to your Family for they bought you to this world and taught you to live. Be thankful to the Fruits for you can enjoy their sweetness, to the Flowers for they make your surroundings beautiful, to the Birds and all the Animals around you for they always teach you the little things of Life.

And last but not the least be thankful to your Loved Ones for they stand by you in everything you do.’

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