"Are You Afraid of Fear?" is a short fiction story with an important message - DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. This article is also written for the WordPress Daily Prompt Writing Challenge - Fearless Fantasies.


'Does it hurt? Are you afraid? Do you fear?'

'Nah, it did not hurt at all. In fact, I did not even realize it sting!'

'What kind of a person are you? You did not even feel when this thing stuck you right below your heart! Darn! Stay calm while I think of something to keep you alive until we get help.'

We had a terrible accident. We were travelling to our home-town when a truck suddenly came out of nowhere and hit us hard. Somehow we both were safe, for the time being that is. The truck driver vanished out of sight by the time I saw the number plate.

We were pinned to a large tree nearby. I survived the hit but my friend could not. One of the branches cut through the glass and below his heart; and he just laughed it off.

It hurts a lot. It is the deadliest pain in the world to see your close friend embracing death and still see him smile accepting this fact.

I was engulfed by Fear.

His blood is all over the place. His breathing is getting slower every minute. I want to cry but I know it is of no use.

I wished to console him with the words ‘You would be okay, just breathe’ and I wanted him to know that we will survive no matter not; and wanted him to believe that even in this odd hour, someone would come down and help him.

I had asked him not to speak any more. I wonder what he is thinking now. He is gazing up at the sky filled with stars. Whenever he closes his eyes, I try to wake him up and ask him to just breathe at any cost. I prayed for the strength to just move and get help for him. I didn't want to lose him. No!

We have managed to cover up the wound but it did not help much. We both knew that he has less time. But I wanted to not believe it and so I mustered up courage and asked him to fight with me. He simply nodded.

I could barely move. I was too afraid and he was like a free soul. No fear, nothing. He was always like that. We were like two sides of the same coin. While he was courageous and accepted Life as it came, I was too afraid to chase my dreams and so my life was miserable. But being with him I always learn how to live Life to its fullest.

The only thing that I could never learn was OVERCOMING FEAR.

Now when Time takes away every part of my friend’s soul, I lie there wondering - 

'Was my Life worth it all? Only if I were incapable of feeling fear, I would not have drunk tonight. I would have been more cautious. Only if he had little fear inside him, fear of Death at least, he would have driven the car himself and would not have allowed me to drive knowing that I was drunk!

He would have spent this night with his family.'

The last I heard from him was my name. I held him close to me but could not cry.

Being full of guilt, I looked up the skies and shouted - “WHY??”.

I soon lost my consciousness afterwards.

My humble request to Everyone -