"The Cat, The Soup And A Beach Towel" is a short fiction story of a common man and how he made his family happy.

Sometimes all you need in your life are simple Odd things! What if those simple things came in a group of three? Read below to find out.


Odd Trio

Please stop crying. Daddy will bring you a new toy car.

I don’t want a toy car. Yesterday you bought one, it is already broken! I don’t want trash toys. Give me a real one. Now..!

Hey kiddo, you are just a kid! A real car is for adults and not for kids, you better understand that”, saying thus I switched on the TV to calm myself.

I was really going nuts with this kind of behavior by my own kid. I had just bought him a Ferrari Model remote-controlled car yesterday and you cannot imagine the state it is in right now. It is not even good for garbage!

Darn these commercials! Can’t they give us anything without a single break?, I sighed.

A certain commercial got my interest.

It said - ‘Got no time for your kid? Are you too busy with work? Does your kid need friends to play? Bring home a pet dog or a pet cat NOW’!

I never thought of having a pet before!

My wife and I long wished to have a pet at home, but we were too busy with our professional lives and almost forgot it. I guess now was the time to bring our dream pet home. I called her up and asked her to meet at the center of the city. There was a famous pet shop there. They seemed to have all kinds of pets. She was shocked, and did her laundry work as soon as she could and asked me to wait for ten minutes.

That was actually a lot of time for me to get ready, but not for our kid; for he was always throwing away his toys hither-tither. I quickly dressed him up, took the car keys and drove off.

I was filled with thoughts of “Silent Sundays”, the only day when I get an off from work to have a rest and yet, unfortunately, I can’t even sleep on Sundays. This was taking a toll on my health and I was worried.

We are here kiddo.

He stared at the shop quite some time while I waited for his mother. She came and hugged me and we went inside. There were all types of noises inside - birds chirping, dogs barking, etc. I wondered how the keeper survived there all year long I was amazed and shook hands with him.

Welcome home, Surpie!

We were now burdened with the toughest question - which pet to take home. My eyes went to one corner of the shop where I saw a cat. I thought maybe it was asleep but I was wrong. We decided to buy her at a reasonable price and soon we were heading back home.

Our kid liked her a lot and started cuddling her already. It was a wonderful sight to the eyes. It was getting late and winter had just started, so I asked my wife to brew a hot soup for all of us. The cat was already comfortable at home. She was cute. Brown fur, golden eyes, and after posting some selfies on social sites, we were ready for the soup.

"What about her?" my wife asked to me. I replied - “A bowl of hot milk would suffice, I guess”.

Soon we were done with the setup and started having the hot soup. For some odd reason, my kid took the milk bowl and drank it all leaving nothing for our poor cat. He even spilled some on the floor. So while I went to get the beach towel (it was the nearest to get hold off), my wife went to get another bowl of milk.

What we saw when we both returned to the dining hall was some kind of… I can’t explain that. Our guest was enjoying the bowl of hot soup with no hesitation. I slowly went ahead to take some snaps while my wife cleaned our kid with the towel.

We all had a hearty laugh later at the turn of events at our home. I guess we had now literally given a warm welcome to our new family member.

We named her - Surpie. It came to us naturally and it would remind us of this special day.

No more noisy Sundays, I get my well deserved rest and my wife is happy, the kid never complaints about anything and I guess, taking Surpie home was the best decision we took.